To live in Vibrant Alignment is a philosophy and way of life...

A unique creative, spiritual & eco conscious approach to holistic wellbeing & lifestyle design.


Creating sacred spaces both physically and metaphysically for

profound self-inquiry, personal transformation, healing and growth.

Stripping away all the layers of unnecessary and un healthy build up in our lives to make way for

those essential things that bring us joy, peace of mind and vibrant wellbeing.

Holistic Lifestyle Coaching

Guided Meditation for Relaxation and Wellbeing

Space Clearing, Organising & Interior Decorating

Creative Concept Development

Fertility & Conception Coaching

Pregnancy Art & Mothers Mentoring

Exploring Trauma & Shaddow Work

Creative Arts Therapy & Art Journalling

Mandala Art & Art Comissions

Mozaics and Murals

Tarot Reading

Rituals & Ceremonies

Events, Workshops, Festivals & Gatherings

Speaking, Articles & Interviews

Intrigued by any of this...?

Exploring the frontiers of Mind-Body Medicine, Creativity & Healing Arts,

expanding consciousness and personal transformation through

a myriad of healing creative and spiritual practices

Encouraging radical and authentic self-expression


Living in vibrant alignment with ourselves, others, the environment

and the infinite cosmic universe​!

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