A guided meditation that will allow the listener to tap into her own psyche to let go of negative fear-based stories that are programmed into us from a very young age as girls and young women, that birth is scary and painful and traumatic. We trace back into our own pool of memories to unlock any of those stories for ourselves and see them for what they really are - simply just stories and cultural narratives that we've been told and conditioned to believe about ourselves and the process of childbirth and becomming a mother. With this presence and awareness of our deep inner psyche, we can begin to deconstruct and decode this programming to construct a new story that is innately powerful, strong, natural, in touch with her body, in touch with her baby and intune with these ancient forces, cycles and rhythms of birth, life, death, and re-birth in the infinate cosmic web of life.

Pregnancy Meditation - letting go of fear and embracing our inner vibrant self

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