Tarot - The Sun

Tarot and The Symbolism of the Sun

The Sun's energy is warm and blissful. It's one of my favourite cards in the Tarot...

It cultivates a joyful, authentic and vibrant radiance that resonates out into the world with a childlike sense of awe, innocence, curiosity and wonder. Like the honesty and authenticity of a child, it is pure and beautiful and raw.

The sun openly shines its light and touches us in profound ways with its generous warmth, vibrant expansiveness and limitless creative energy.

A profound sense of wellbeing, safety and nourishment occurs which radiates and echoes of our ancient origins and biological roots in this earth - like the plants, creatures and organisms - we need the sun to be strong and vital – to be healthy and happy, and to survive and flourish - without it we may wither and die...

In this card we can look at notions exploring our striving spirit, peak performance and greatest victory’s in life – here we look at the ideal of perfection. What have been our wins and successes in the past and where are we currently succeeding in life?

In the Tarot, the Sun Represents this outwardly positive, confident, knowing intellect, creative energy and driving force that we exude when we show up in the world as who we want to be ...

feeling happy, fulfilled, proud of ourselves and our achievements and experiencing contentment with exactly who you are in this moment, where you’re at and what you’ve achieved in this life.

Often represented in the Tarot as the Greek Sun-god Apollo – lord of prophecy, music and knowledge. It is said in the Symbolism of The Sun, that music and arts as authentic creative expression of the sun-god transforms our darkness into light. Apollo was the enemy of all darkness. This aspect of the card and message from the Tarot allows us to shine light on our shadows so we can dispell them and let go of them.

Through the power of our light, our awareness and consciousness we bring great joy and healing to our lives. In this story is an image of the part of ourselves that can see the purpose and reason for our experiences in life long before we have emotionally processed them and left them behind.

It is the image our higher self – of an innate urge that lies beyond us driving us forward and pulling us along our direction and life path – with energy, action and excitement.

That which is inherently creative – for creativity lifts us outside of ourselves and brings us to new highs and new connections. Not only in our own brains and bodies, but in our culture and our deeper sense of connection to self, our spirituality, the earth and the expansive cosmos out there.

One of the mysteries of life is the power of creativity that dwells within all of us, that connects us all, and unites us here together to this earthly realm as humanity and as creatures of this beautiful and sacred planet. It restores faith in the power, purpose and meaning in our lives.

Be warned that too much power of the sun can scorch and burn which can also be destructive and damaging. Like the harsh voice of a critique sheding light on our shaddows and weaknesses that can be hard to hear or listen to sometimes.

Or perhaps you are being too harsh with yourself and others – too critical? Has this become feeling out of balance? Are you striving too hard for perfection within yourself or are you projecting your ideals of perfection too harshly onto others? Or perhaps an inflated sense of ego, false pride or over zealous sense of confidence is hiding your true authenticity.

Too much sun can be fierce and it can kill. It breaks things down into the earth again to become renewed and transformed into a different form.

Also, premature birth without the necessary time of gestation, will lead to struggle. The time for darkness within the womb is a necessary stage in order for things to come into completion of a cycle or phase. Just like an idea that’s launched too prematurely may fail or a project that has not had the necessary time for planning and development will be difficult to manage.

So take care and be cautious in the heat of the sun – it can get extremely hot and bright out there.

This is an optimistic card, it tells us to own and embrace our own brilliance and shine your authentic bright light out into the world with confidence and joy and success will come – with persistence, patience and positive energy seeds will grow.

It teaches and reminds us to embody our far reaching vision, knowledge, intellect, insight, creativity and capacity to succeed in whatever we focus on and shine a light on in our lives.

Use your awareness and consciousness to shed light on the darker things – and the clarity and light of day for honest discernment, self-reflection and realisation.

That which receives sunlight grows, heals and transforms through the bright vibrant light of day.

This card in the Tarot has a wonderful positive vibration that provides us with the beautiful nourishment, growth and abundance of the sun. Filled with the clarity of light, all the colours of the rainbow exist, and we are struck with the radiant healing rays of vibrant white sunlight. Our fears are dispelled and any doubts and shadows are cast away providing space for new growth, renewed hope, abundance, creative energy and clarity of vision.

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Peace, Love and Light!


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