My Positive Home Birth Story | Welcoming Livia Nimue into the world | Ancestor Assisted Birth

Our little Livia Nimue came into the world at 8:55 on Tuesday 11th June...

This is how it all went down...

What an incredible experience to bring a baby into the world and not something that I had ever necessarily thought about as something that called to me. I am very ambitious with wanting to do and achieve many things in my life... I focused on doing other things like athletics, academics, and arts - I have always been very driven to be successful and achieve the highest results and I didn't really think much about having a baby. But it's something completely natural and sacred that should be honored, revered and respected with awe and wonder.

Now having done this - becomming a mother, I realise how incredibly empowering it can be - and absolutely ambitious as well. It's the biggest thing I've ever committed to in my life, and something that I have drawn great strength and power from. As a woman that has always had a strong masculine side with lots of brothers and all the sports and striving for outward success and discipline etc...

Owning my feminity and embracing motherhood has felt like one of the most courageous things I've ever done - if not the most courageous thing I've ever done because it encourages you to be vulnerable in a way, to be seen by others, especially those closest to you.

So any way, I took so much learning from my birth experience with Teilo into the birth of my second baby two and half years later with our new little blossom - Livia Nimue.

I've decided to publish a video about the story of her birth, and somewhat both birth stories to show and share for women that birth can absolutley be a positve and empowering experience that we can learn from and embrace, not something that has to be filled with so much trauma and pain.

A choice for me that has turned out to be one of the most ambitious and rewarding paths to choose for my life experience.

The purpose of the guided meditation series Creating a Conscious Birth is to help empower women and mother's-to-be to create the positive birthing experience that they truly desire, however that may be for them.

The Meditation Series is a guide for powerful embodyment, letting go of fear and tension in the body, cultivating calm and relaxation and regaining control and ownership over your body and birthing experience through intentional and instinctual mind-body practices.

Whether this is your first, second or multiple time going thorugh pregnancy and birth, these meditations can benefit you and help you to prepare your body and mind for the special journey ahead. Trusting in and cultivating the innate ancestral wisdom that we hold inside our bodies as women to bring our babies into the world powerfully and consciously.

I hope to reignite the intimate sacredness of pregnancy and childbirth by honoring the divine feminine as the mother and vessel for the creation of new life and the spiritual union of masculine and feminine that occurs for new life to manifest and exist. 

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