Mandalas - Cosmic Diagram of the Sacred Self

It's really a priviledge for me to be able to connect with someone and allow them to connect with that divine self within to bring forth sacred mandalas as a beautiful cosmic diagram of the soul.

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Sacred Tattoo Design...

A representation of my divine feminine side - the sacred flower - the unconscious - the deep dark blossoming chaos and complexity of within - the moon

The powerful shaddows and shifting phases

the eternal darkness that brings forth the light of new life

birthing forth new life

blossoming and blooming

gentle, soft and vulnerable

yet powerful, beautiful and courageous in that softness and vulnerability

sensitive and loving

My sacred masculine side - the fire within - the light - the sun

my outward consciousness and creative expression

that vibrant outgoing personality - fun loving - kind and generous

that humble warmth of the fire and generous loving spirit

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