Living Waste-Free during a Global Pandemic - Is it possible? Plastic Free July

During the lock down when they weren't letting people use keep cups - there were a few moments there where I had coffee in takeaway cups - and I felt really guilty about it because it's one of those ones that's sooo obvious and easy now to avoid right - take your keep cup or dont have takeaway coffee right? ...

...into reflection more deeply about my addictions and habits and how looking at 'The Waste-Free Way' can also be related to waste in the body too - how do we expell waste from our bodies literally - and the build up of toxins and waste physically - looking at things like gut health more closely and how we expell toxins and waste from our bodies, alkalising our bodies, etc.... and it's all related holistically to our health - and so I've been finding and experienceing that this idea of adopting a waste-free-way in our lives extends so much farther and broader than just the plastic in our lives - but everything we consume and metabolise - from our foods and the products we put on our skin - to our daily habits and experiences... like are we wastefully consuming too much TV? or commercial media - or are we building up waste in our bodies by consuming things like drugs and alcohol or other addictions, that aren't serving us and our wellbeing, or help us to expell toxins from our body more easily....Or perhaps there are practices that you have that ARE serving you - on deeper emotional and psychological levels - and that's good - it's about listening to your body and the world around - listening to the needs and desires and knowing when do draw the line and say no - or yes to something...

hhmmm.. any way... just lots of reflections.....

and also accepting my reality and limitations, and all my weaknesses too -

the times when I still buy things in packaging impulsivly, or have the comfort food, or I know this things is not going to be so good for my body, but still allowing myself some of those comfort things still...especially noticing things like my desire for comfort and addictions so strong right now in the face of the gravity of everything happening out there in the world right now and the winter time and cycle of the seasons and time in our lives right now....

so remember to give yourself boundaries and conscessions and compassion, and set into place some positive healthy habits and rituals that boost you up and make you feel great

like doing a celery juice cleanse in the mornings or herbal tea instead of coffee? or making sure you get to practice your art each day, or monday morning training session, or catching up with those people that inspire you, motivate you and build you up in those ways that you need, or have a sacred moment with yourself in the bath where you get to switch off to everything else and just enjoy the warmth and healing of the water...

what are your daily habits and rituals - and how can we become more conscious of them?....

and it's so complex and nuanced and there are so many facets to it that are deeper than just whether we used our coffee keep cup on one day or not...or whether we know something is not really that good for us, but it still serves us in other ways on a deeper emotional level....and so looking at, what are those deeper roots and emotional needs and factors to our beliefs, attitudes, actions, habits and behavious - and how we can meet those needs in other alternative ways so that we can continue the practice of becoming into our waste-free-way living?...

It's Plastic Free July right now - and I acknowledge I am still on my journey to becomming completely waste-free, where I still find places where plastic things and some unhealthy habits take up space in my life and household - especially as a busy mother of 2 wild kids and running by own business and making my way in this world as an agent of positive change!

We must forgive ourselves and others for the situations we're in - accept where we're at and let go of any blame - dont hold onto guilt and shame for not living up to the perfect ideal and standards we set for ourselves and our society holds so high -

Remembering that we are human and we are not perfect - and we will get to whatever point we need to on our journeys - and forgiving and letting go of guilt and shame is one of the first steps for us to move forwards in shaping a positive reality for ourselves and this earth!

Jonas and I currently put the bins out about approximately every 4-6 weeks - so feeling proud of how far we've come - with all things like composting and more to reduce our waste - almost completely cut out cosmetics and harmful self-care products in my life for more than 3 yrs now - I find the infiltration of plastic in the 'kids/parenting/baby' industry extrememly difficult to detach from - the clothes and toy industries - especially look at how we 'clean' up - all the cleaning products - the baby wipes - the nappies, the sprays and chemicals - in childcare centers and the rubbish produced from things like nappies and cleaning products at daycare centers, etc... how we may be able to disconnect from these kinds of prducts and objects and things that we dont need here?

How can we operate differently - with deeper consciousness and understanding, creativity and innovation - new and radical ways of shaping how we live in our day-to-day lives that integrates more of a waste-free paradigm? is it possible?

I see a beautiful vision for the future that sees gardens and trees and healthy happy people and animals and earth - in which all waste is part of the life-cycle stream -

positive daily habits

we can find alternatives, looking at second hand first when there's something that you may need - opps shops are great for things like clothes and kids toys - or toy swaps with other friend's kids - or different kinds of experiences for the kids like adventures, and park dates, and bushwalking, playing in the garden and learning about the plants and the bugs, and great creative experiences - rather than 'plastic things and objects' perpetually giving these 'new' things to our children all the time, we're inadvertently teaching them to value these things over other things like their relationships and learning experiences and creative self expression....things like that..

anyway... I just wanted to send a compassionate reminder that - if you'd like to do anything at all this plastic free July - go for it! You dont have to do it all at once - just make the first step!

Asher from The Waste Free Way - is setting a wonderful example of her waste-free lifestyle - and her 33 day guide to living waste free is really informative and fun! Go Check it out

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