Creative Journalling Prompts for Self Discovery. How to make Journalling a Conscious Habit

Creative Journalling is such a great tool for self-reflection and it really allows you to free up that space in your mind for other more important things as well.

So many of the most effective and successful entrepreneurs and business owners say that they journal to get their ideas out of their head and onto paper and that it helps them to become more productive and efficient at work - especially when it comes to things like goal setting and prioritising tasks...

For me it's always been a way to express myself, refelct, and be creative...

I've been journalling since I was a little girl - albeit the content of my journals has definitely changed slightly since I was that 12 year old little Lilly writing about how I would never forgive one of my triplet sisters for that awful thing they'd done, or angsting over the cute boy at school.

Now, I find gratitude journalling very useful, as well as doing things like 'automatic writing' - just writing whatever comes up in my head intuitivly and getting it out on the paper. The thing I love about journalling is that there aren't really any rules - or at least you get to make up the rules which is why it's so empowering and therapeutic.

But it can seem like such a chore sometimes to write, especially when you feel like you don't have anything to write... but just letting the words flow onto the page, getting that mental chatter out of your head and onto the paper can be so rewarding, and can really help to release that stagnant energy.

So I've put together 30 Creative Journalling Prompts that may help guide you when you're feeling that writers block that so many of us experience.

Download the pdf HERE.

But how do you turn a sporadic hobby into a mindful habit? Here are a few tips that may help you to develop a healthy journalling routine...

01 | Set the intention and commit to it

Doing something - anything at the same time each day will take a lot of the thinking out of it and allow you to just step into it with ease. Give yourself a specific timeframe, or goal. ie: write for 10minutes, or complete 3 pages, or make a list of specific prompts, like the one i've put together for you (and you can tailor it to suit you) . Figure our when is the best time for you to do it. Is it when you wake up, before you go to bed, or any other time - once a week or everyday? But make this regular and stick to it. Get clear on your intentions, it will help.

02 | Be Prepared

Get all the things that you need and keep them somewhere obvious. Notebook, pen, crafty items, whatever you want or need to make it fun and easy and keep them somewhere accessible - like beside your bed if you like to do it before bed or when you wake.

03 | Just DO it

Remember that you're doing this for you and only you. This is not for the purpose of showing it to anyone else, there's no right and wrong, it's just pure expression, so dont filter your thoughts, just let it flow and be honest. You dont even have to read it back to yourself afterwards if you dont want to. In fact, if you're doing it purely for the process, I would even encourage you not to read it back to yourself or edit it. That way it's just pure expression and no one is judging your writing. It can be extrememly liberating. But if you are doing it for the purpose of goal setting, enhancing your productivity or self-reflection, by all means you can read it back to your self, re-write your ideas in your calendar or to-do list afterwards if that's your intention. If you do choose to read it afterwards, notice if there are any reoccuring patterns or themes, has anything jumped out at you? Just be clear on what your intention is - and go for it!

04 | Let go of any preconcieved ideas - just enjoy it and have fun!

If you follow these 4 simle steps, soon you'll find that your words begin to flow more easily, you have more ideas and your writing becomes more refined. Sure enough you've become the conscious journaler you've always wanted to be.

Creative Journalling

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