Creative Art Journalling

My current Art Journal - the inner cover page - A bunch of old salvaged event flyers and festival programs, notes I'd spontaneously taken and wanted to remember, little bits of paper that come into my hands and otherwise would end up in the bin, bits of artwork and brain-dumping/brain-storming and writing sessions... Creative Art Journalling is such a fun and wonderful tool to supprt you in guiding your life towards your goals and dreams. With so many different types of spreads, bullet journalling activities, prompts and ideas, habit tracking, goal setting, productivity tasks and activities, notes for writing & gratitude journalling and more.... There's so many things to inspre you and keep you on track, and on top of life's responsibilities and all that whirlling of creative thoughts and ideas and chaos inside your head... Why not start a journal today? All you need to begin is an old manilla folder folded up like I have done here, some scrap paper, old magazines, pens and a bit of glue and or tape and off you go - there are no rules - that's why it's so fun! Contact me if you'd like to inquire about my Creative Journalling Art Sessions..

My next Bullet Journal spread - the 2nd Quarter - looking at dates, goals and what I am grateful for... Gratitude journalling has a profound power to affect your reality and consciousness because when reflecting on things you're grateful for, you feel happy and abundant. Your mind is focused on the positive things that bring you joy which brings great healing on a persoanl level. Some Journal prompt ideas: - who are the people in my life that bring me the most joy? - what is it about them that makes me smile? - what do I enjoy doing most with my time? - how can I cultivate more time for the tihngs that make me happy? - when was the last time you cried with laughter? - when was the last time you actually cried? - what was your most recent dream?

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