Creating A Conscious Birth MEDITATION SERIES

I am creating this Guided Meditation Series as a way to empower women and mothers-to-be to create the positive birthing experience that they truly desire, however that may be for them.

PART ONE is all about Discodefication: Deprogramming your unconscious mind from all of the preconditioned stories that we're told about pregnancy and childbirth from a very young age that so often generates unnecessary fear and anxiety around this sacred and completely natural process of creating and giving birth to new life.

Click HERE to access Part One: DISCODEFICATION for Free

Useing the power of creative visualisation, affirmations, breathing and relaxation techniques

to manifest and create a Positive Birth Experience...

To welcome this precious new life into the world with Powerful Intention and Conscious Awareness

The Meditation Series Includes:

Discodefication: de-programming your unconscious mind

Manifesting consciousness: creating a deeper connection with your unborn baby

Finding your innate energy source - discovering the fire within

Acceptance, letting go & releasing fear

Embodyment and movement meditation - deepening awareness of your physical body

Creating your nest: designing the space around you

Building personal power: the earth mother goddess

Opening your heart - opening your pelvis - opening your soul

Developing breathing techniques: deepening relaxation and focus

Emergence: embracing the unknown

Awake in the aftermath: maintaining resilience and  finding light within the darnkess 

Cultivating bliss, gratitude and joy

These Meditations are a guide for powerful embodyment, letting go of fear and tension in the body, cultivating calm and relaxation and regaining control and ownership over your body and birthing experience through intentional and instinctual mind-body practices.

Whether this is your first, second or multiple time going thorugh pregnancy and birth, these meditations can benefit you and help you to prepare your body and mind for the special journey ahead.

I hope to reignite the powerful sacredness of pregnancy and childbirth by honoring the divine feminine as the mother and vessel for the creation of new life and the spiritual union of masculine and feminine that occurs for new life to manifest and exist. 

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