Baby Blessing Rituals, Sacred Women's Ceremonies and Pregnancy Body Art

Becoming a mother is a sacred journey for a woman to go through and welcoming your new baby into the world is such a special moment.

I create beautiful rituals, sacred women's ceremonies and art for pregnant women and the community of people around them to celebrate, honor and welcome this new life and soul into the world.

Similar to the more conventional idea of a Baby Shower, a deeply spiritual and powerful alternative to welcome and bless your new little one with the people you love most around you.

These events are a beautiful way to acknowledge the journey a woman goes through during her pregnancy and offers a sacred space to connect with the little person inside and your loved ones.

Offering things like pregnancy belly art as a way to envoke the spirit of the baby on its way and

celebrate the divine beauty of the mother goddess...

as well as sacred practices and rituals like meditaiton, music, dance, and other collective activities to provide a space to acknowledge and embrace the woman as a powerful vessel for creating new life and honor the new baby.

Contact us to inquire about our sacred women's rituals, baby blessing ceremonies and pregnancy belly art.

I also have a Guided Meditation Series available for donwload soon to help empower and support women in Creating a Conscious Birth with powerful intention. Find out more about this HERE

Brisbane, Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast areas

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