Meet Asher Bowen Saunders - Eco Conscious Artist, Dancer and Zero Waste Lifestyle Consultant

Asher is a Gold Coast and Brisbane based multi-art form artist, contemporary dancer, and eco activist travelling the world sharing her inspirational stories and adventures, zero waste lifestyle hacks and hints, creative experiences and knowledge through her unique experimental and environmentally driven works.

She facilitates and delivers creative workshops and programs, dance performances, movement sessions, upcycled art classes, talks and zero waste lifestyle consulting.

Inspiring others to live more consciously with less waste and minimal environmental impact.
Visit her Instagram @naginya_way


1. If you can tell us a bit about yourself - who you are and what you do?

I am a performer, a dancer. I don't take anything, anyone or myself seriously and

I am a big believer that we can all find a way to have fun, and respect each other and the planet we reside on instead of ploughing through the conventional path of life and forgetting to live.

I have recently become more active in speaking up for the environment and I aim to set a happy, healthy, positive example of how you can live cruelty free, zero waste and environmentally conscious.

2. What motivates you?

Seeing people living an unconscious lifestyle. Because I know I could never find myself doing that. I would have loved to have been shown the things I know now earlier so I hope to do the same for others.

3.What projects are you currently working on?

I attempt to create video blogs to inform, entertain and spread love and awareness. I started a movement called bin babes (find it on fb) to allow people to take shameless selfies of themselves being environmental warriors and picking up rubbish.

I want to find ways of fusing what I know how to do (perform) with projecting awareness in a gentle but poignant way so I am always looking for concepts for shoots and live works.

4. Would you tell us more about 1 specific project that you're particularly passionate about?

I want to make a dance film. Get me and a camera in some controversial spaces- battery farms, logged Forrest's, fishing vessels and make some beautiful dance based art.

5. Who inspires you?

So many people-friends, strangers. It changes every day. My partner, Che, definitely does. We live the same way and motivate each other. Seeing a deep passion in someone else really keeps it alive and exciting for me.

6. What makes you feel confident and self empowered?

Performing what I am interested in. Wearing no shoes, no makeup and being present every day. Having a strong, healthy body and moving every day.

7. How would you define success for yourself?

I used to think it was very different. For me now-- not having to have a ‘real’ job or do something that doesn't make me happy and inspired is success. Being able to live off my art. Not being busy. Filling my day with things that I love like the beach, movement, painting, preparing food, being with people I love, being in nature, upskilling and so many more things.

Having the freedom to sculpt my lifestyle into something I'm really proud of.

Another one is of course...

helping to invoke positive, long term change in others. There is no better feeling.

8. Finally, If you could say something for young girls and women in particular, but for anyone watching this, what advice, tips or words would you give to inspire self confinence & self expression?

Act for you and only you. If you act for what you guess will make others happy you will never win. Being the best person you want to be is the most attractive thing to other humans.

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