Eco Friendly Christmas Gift Ideas - Visual Arts Workshop Program | Brisbane

With Christmas just around the corner you're probably starting to think about what gifts to get for your loved ones during this time of year...

It's such an intensly commercialised thing these days that I really find myself being quite off-putt by the mainstream and hyper consumer driven culture that surrounds Christmas. Rather than just the good ol' end of year family get together time that feels so grounding and nourishing as you transition into a new year.

As much as I grew up as part of this culture, with all the fun filled presents and waking up beofre dawn to check the stockings at the end of the bed - does it really have to be so filled with rubbish and cheap crap just for the sake of it?

Is it possible to create a new Christmas culture that can still involve giving, but not just giving some random thing that we bought because of this annual gift giving obligation that we seem to have created and perpetuated...?

I remember getting things like fresh fruits and toothbrushes in our stockings, and it was all still just as exciting - regardless of what the gifts were! Lol - thanks mum and dad!

Now days I really question the status-quo and conventions of the 'obligatory' bought and christmas wrapped presents for ALL the family members (and let me tell you - my family is huge! Think about all that waste - not to mention the expense) and I'm not really into the whole religious tradition of the festival either.

I mean, dont get me wrong, I love to participate in the family gatherings and fun and laughter that comes with this holiday period - but I'm really not into the exorbitant amounts of rubbish that is produced during this time of year and exessive consumer culture that we as a society seem to have become so fond of. So how can re-create and re-design this family-time of year with a little less waste?

I want to challenge you all to think consciously about your christmas consumerism this year (and in future years), and offer you some solutions to spending your money on gift giving in a way that doesn't need to harm the environment by contributing to the enourmous amounts of waste each year, and offer something that can provide you with more meaningful, thoughful handmade gifts that you feel proud of giving to your most loved ones for Christmas this year.

I am running a 6 week Eco Arts workshop series where you can make your own environmentally friendly and creative gifts to give to people.

Create your own plant hanger with salvaged fabric (and take home potplant), mozaic or mural a piece of salvaged furniture (or bring your own piece to work on) or bind your very own creative gratitude journal to give away.

Workshops will be on Saturdays from 1-3pm At a private residence (details provided upon enrollment)

Starting Saturday 10th Nov


1 Class $40

2 Classes $70

3 Classes $100

Bookings are essential as places are limited and full fees are required to confirm your place in the workshop.

Give a gift this year that doesn't require you to buy something new, and you get to create something personal that you've made yourself, and leave out the all the unecessary plastic and rubbish this year!

Come and enjoy a fun Saturay Crafternoon!

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