Eco Travel in South America

Asher has been travelling in South America with her partner Che for 3 months, and they managed to do it waste free! How incredible!

Here's part of their story and some tips from them about how they do it...

Let's break down the myths surrounding the waste-free lifestyle and how to do it while travelling. It's easy, it's cheap, it's guilt-free and it can be done and continued anywhere in the world.

We have been travelling South America for 3 months and all the rubbish we have been responsible for (parasite tablet packets, airport bag tags and two straws someone put in our coffee) can fit in the palm of our hand.

And we haven't "sacrificed" a thing!

Asher Bowen Saunders

Instagram: @naginya_way

Youtube: @naginya

This trip has been unworldly rewarding so far and we have been able to see and experience so much without the need for "convenient" packaging or new things.

If you have any questions please get in touch! Leave a comment and subscribe to our Youtube Channel for more thoughts and tips on how to leave less of a trace on this beautiful planet we call home. Suggestions on what video you would like us to make next are very welcome 🙂

We buy nothing new, we spend our money with companies and businesses who align with our values (vegan restaurants, local farmers, fairtrade stores), we eat only plants, we use skin products that resemble their natural form--nothing processed or made in a factory (either a food, an oil or something I have made myself), we dive, we acrobat, we teach and share dance anywhere we go, we teach people how we live when they decide to learn more.

Zero Waste / Waste Free Travel in South America


1 tbsp Bicarb soda

2 tbsps Bentonite clay

Coconut oil until it is the consistency you like

--optional ingredients--

1/4 tsp activated charcoal

1 tsp xylitol powder

1/4 tsp cinnamon

1/2 tsp crushed cacao nibs (for exfoliant)

Pinch of clove powder


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