Virtual Assistant: Digital Design & Content for Artists, Enterpreneurs & Eco Friendly Businesses

Are you an artist, entrepreneur, holistic health practitioner or eco-conscious business owner looking to establish and build an online presence marketing your products and services to an online community?


Maybe you dont have the time or skills to sit on the computer writing articles or updating your website, or perhaps you don't even know how to get started with developing a website or social media presence? Well I'm here to help you communicate to your audiences your authentic message so that you can attract your ideal customers and clients.

As a Virtual Assistant I'm happy to work alongside you to create high quality digital content and marketing support and help you build your presence online.

Helping you to develop a conscious online presence that aligns with your business' brand and ethical values is what's important and I enjoy the creative process of sitting down with you to discuss your creative vision and ideas and working towards achieving your business goals.

Build your portfolio with photos and videos, blog articles and well designed digital content whilst implementing effective marketing strategies and campaigns that have a conscious approach to building engaged audiences and online communities.

I can provide various services and packages to suit your needs. Contact Me for more information or to arrange an initial consultation to see how we can look at addresing your needs and achieving your goals and vision for the future.

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