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There’s been something nagging on my mind recently and I really just want to get this off my chest a little bit and be real with you all for a moment. I’ve been noticing this recent trend in Eco-Conscious 'Green' Marketing, I've especially been doing a lot of online research recently because I want to represent myself to my audience as someone who is Eco Friendly - and this comes from an authentic place as it's something that I’m really passionate about and wanting to create for my life, obviously - otherwise I wouldn’t be doing this blog!

I also want to be honest here on this platform and create a dialogue about what it means to be Eco Conscious. I currently don’t live 100% Zero Waste, I still find myself buying certain products from time to time that have some kind of plastic packaging and I’m not 100% vegan either - I'd say I have about 95% plant based diet. and that's just where I am at in my current lifestyle and I am in the process of transitioning to more and more Eco Friendly practices.

I choose to be conscious of my impact in the world and that’s the starting point - becoming aware of the consequences of our choices - in a holistic sense. Understanding the effects of your choices and actions in the world is a great place to begin your conscious living journey!

You may have noticed the Eco-Conscious Movement taking off on social media recently - on Instagram and Facebook and other platforms. Especially with trends now like the Zero Waste Movement (Initiated by Bea Johnson 'The Zero Waste Home'), Low Impact Lifestyle, Vegan Bloggers, Conscious Travel Bloggers, Minimalism, Tiny Houses & Eco Conscious Design etc...The list goes on... There's so much media out there now and so many people jumping onto this bandwagon - which is great! I think it's amazing and such a great step in the right direction.

Like trendy 'Eco-Design' using Up-Cycled materials as a way to grab people's attention and to create a very specific kind of image for your customers and audience.

For example this beautiful up-cycled furniture from 'Green Acai' in Londrina - love it! Looks fantastic! Love the vibe of the place! They've put some serious effort into making this place look amazing! and it really does, what an awesome, creative space to be in! But even despite the 'Trendy Image' of the place - everything was still served in plastic! It doesn't make sense. Or at least having an Eco Conscious 'Image' is not the whole picture.

So, I guess what I am saying is I think it's really important to be aware of how people, businesses and brands choose to represent themselves in their marketing and advertising. Especially in the online sphere, and particularly on Social Media. Think about how they strategically represent themselves to audiences to portray a set of values to their customers, and build rapport with their clients, tap into the mind-set and lifestyle of their audiences. I mean, I think it's fantastic that we have this online tool now where we can connect with communities of like-minded people from all over the world. But It's also good to be aware of particular marketing strategies and tactics designed to pull you in, sell you something and manipulate you to give them your money.

Have you ever thought to question how things are presented to you? To really ask yourself what’s the purpose and message behind what you’re seeing? So I really just want to encourage you to dig a little deeper and research the brands and companies that you support with your money buy buying their products and/or services.

There's so much research that goes into marketing and advertising, that it's good to be a little critical and aware. Because there are so many subliminal marketing methods that are designed to tap into your base desires for pleasure, material wealth and social status! Like, there’s a reason that they use celebrities and influencers to promote products, because people are influenced by what they see other doing - especially their heroes and idols! Someone sees a picture of their favourite celebrity holding, wearing or using a particular product – and these people are portrayed in the media as 'having it all' - money, wealth, social status and so called success, fulfilment and happiness – so of course other people think they have to have what they have to be like that.

The point I’m making leads onto my observation of this new trend in ‘Environmentally Friendly’ marketing… that seems to be popping up so often now. The 'Green Marketing' strategy that so many businesses and companies are tapping into now… It’s designed to tap into our emotional awareness, because hey, look at the current state of the environment, it's definitely got a lot of people worried and wanting to take action, and where better place to take action than in the products we buy and support. But big businesses are aware of this trend too and using this as another way to capture our attention – and inevitably – our money too! The amount of times that I see green labelling now on things like cosmetics and beauty products and processed foods is insane! If you gave me a dollar for every product that is labelled ‘organic’ now – I’d truly be rich! It’s amazing! The other day, I literally nearly lost my shit laughing so much, I saw a bag of white processed sugar labelled as ‘healthy’! HA! My goodness! So has it become too much? and How do we know what's authentic marketing and what's not?

Just putting the word and colour green in front of your product or business name doesn't make it environmentally conscious! But hey, I'm not perfect either. But I guess I'm just calling this out because I think honesty and authenticity in advertising is integral for building rapport with customers and clients and ultimately making more genuine and reoccurring sales for the long term. There’s literally so much advertising and marketing out there that is misleading!

So be aware people – do your research – and be careful of companies and brands that label themselves as environmentally-friendly. I mean, don’t get me wrong – there are some awesome honest companies, brands, products and people out there doing great things for the Eco-Conscious movement. Who are really helping to inspire and instigate a radical social, cultural and political paradigm shift, but they can sometimes be washed out by the pseudo-environmental marketing of products that are simply just riding the wave of this new eco-conscious trend that’s occurring. I guess what I'm saying is don't just blindly trust that something is what you think it is because of the image that is being presented. Don't just accept that something may be ethical or environmentally friendly because it has a green label or says 'natural' or 'organic'. Because a lot of big businesses are motivated by money and profits unfortunately - which means, they'll often do things that aren't necessarily completely ethical to grab your attention and your dollars.

So I just want to encourage people to dig deeper and get to know the brands and companies that you’re supporting – their true ethics and practices – and be really aware and conscious of why you choose to support that company by purchasing their products.

That's all for now...I hope this post has made you think a little more deeply about how you consume things (both literally and metaphorically) and your Eco-Conscious choices.

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