Eco Conscious Travel tips and stories

We recently traveled to Brazil to visit Jonas' family over here, and I tried to do it with as less waste as possible - My goodness this was hard! Plastic is so far ingrained into the culture and system of travel - with single use plastics and individually wrapped & packaged items making up the majority of rubbish!

It's completely overwhelming! I'm sad to say that I didn't succeed in my attempt to travel 'zero waste' - but I was able to reduce some of the plastic that went through my hands. It became almost impossible to avoid plastic on our journey. Absolutely disheartening!

How can we help to instigate the shift to plastic free consumerism when it comes to air travel? Now there's a challenge! Here are some insights from my trip in the video.

I recently discovered BIOME Eco Stores - they make a range of awesome less waste products available for people, which is so great! Some of which I have shown in my re-usable kit - I think there needs to be so many more stops and businesses and places like this, thinking about conscious consumerism and making the less waste/zero waste movement available to people!

Look out for my upcoming blog post aboutsome specific products I personally use, purchase and recommend from Biome. Especially for my zero waste kit.

I've just been accepted to be part of their affiliate program, so here you can follow this link to see their product range and anything you purchase through this link I will receive a small commission.

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