Conscious Living Guide - 5 Things I'm Letting Go Of

Hey guys, Here are some musings of some things that I've been in the process of letting go of over the past number of years, to live a more eco-conscious lifestyle in alignment with my ethics.

Some of the references that I mention if you want to look further into these topics are:

- The China Study & Whole by T.Collin Campbell

- Cowspiracy Doco

- Food Choices Doco

- Forks Over Knives Doco

- A Plastic Ocean Doco

- Earthlings is also another one that I didn't mention in the video (this one is pretty graphic and confronting)

There's some other pretty interesting stuff out there on youtube about the zero waste movement and veganism.

Check Out: - The Best Speech You'll Ever Hear by Gary Yurofsky

- Ellen Fisher Youtuber

- Kate and May Flowers youtubers - they do a lot of 'What I eat in A Day videos and are mostly Raw Vegan

- Raw Alignment

- Sustainably Vegan

- Barefoot Traveller

- Exploring Alternatives

There's so many - the list could go on and on! Yeah - There's heaps of this kind of stuff out there - I encourage you to dig a little deeper and do your own research so that you can become more aware of these things and make your own informed decisions about your lifestyle.

Just a note: This is not a 'You MUST do this' kind of video - It's more like, these things have been positive steps for me in my journey to living more healthy, self expressed, and in alignment with my ethics. A way to give encouragement for those of you who are wanting to perhaps make a shift towards becoming more eco-conscious but maybe don't know where to start.

For more info and tips on conscious healthy living and I offer a range of different services including one on one mentoring and lifestyle coaching among other things. So check that out if you're interested! And Please feel free to get in touch with me if you want to ask questions, or collaborate.

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