Celebrating International Women's Day and Shaving my Hair!

I've decided to shave my head to start a fresh new cycle in my life and to initiate a re-growth and re-birth! I am listening to my intuition and just going to go for it regardless of how terrified I am. I want to cleanse my hair and let my scalp rejuvenate - whilst opening up a dialogue about what it means to be beautiful, healthy and vibrant.

Celebrating International Women's Day by encouraging women to feel beautiful in their skin whatever they look like!

It also comes alongside the launch of my online business, so I am raising money to support the development costs for this which is a creative and informative blog about eco-conscious lifestyle, health and well-being, travel, arts, spirituality and alternative living.

As a woman who has recently had a baby, I am now ready to get back into working again and it is my intention to break-down gender normative stereotypes regarding men's and women's roles within society.

To show people it is absolutely possible to be both a mother, have a successful career and live the life I choose, and that being a woman and a mother doesn't mean that I have to sacrifice my dreams.

So here I am, preparing to shave my head to celebrate International Women's day (2018) and engaging in an important conversation surrounding women's rights, feminism and what it means to be truly and honestly beautiful as a young creative independent mother, sister, daughter and woman!

If you are interested in supporting and encouraging me, please feel free to share this video on your own social media, get in touch with me to show your support, or you can also contribute some money to go towards my business development fund to support the costs of getting it off the ground.

If you would like to participate in this, please contact me directly and I will send you some details. lillian.adele.shewring@gmail.com

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