Food for Thought: The Karma of Food

I've always been pretty ecologically minded and love animals (this is timeless in my memory). But it became apparent that there seemed to be a disconnect with my thoughts and actions. Not quite being in alignment.

A big shift stared when I became pregnant with Teilo. I felt a real urge and shift to put into action more of my values and ethics and really consciously focus on my health and well-being for the sake of my child mostly but also for myself of course.

This became focused on being more aware and conscious of the things I was consuming - not only food. However food has really been a huge part of this story - and that's what I'm focusing on in this post at this moment. Feeling a strong compassion and a deeper realization for animals as sentient creatures, this I feel I have always known and truly feel in my heart, but has become much more present in my awareness since becoming a mother.

So why then was I continuing to support the very industry that rapes, kills and tortures these beautiful and innocent beings? It had to stop. For me at least. In my own practice for the sake of my own health and wellbeing. My thoughts, words and actions now coming into true alignment with my soul and spirit.

It's really been about consciously creating choices that support health and well-being for myself and for my then, unborn child. Including the karmic energy of not eating meat and dairy because of the way that society deals with the production of these products.

So I've been in the process of slowly reducing my consumption of these products. I'd say my current ratio is approximately 95% plant based foods, and I am now also in the process of eating more organic, locally sourced foods as well.

There's an enormous wealth of information out there, which can be a bit overwhelming at times. I've begun reading and listening to a number of books and audio books, watching a bunch of documentaries and Youtube channels and doing my own personal research. Some of these include:

-The China Study & Whole by T.Collin Campbell

- Cowspiracy Doco

- Food Choices Doco

- Forks over Knives Doco

- Ellen Fisher on Youtube

- Bonny Rebecca on Youtube

- Pick Up Limes on Youtube

- Kate Flowers on Youtube

To only name a few - but there are so many! If this is all really new to you, I seriously encourage you to do some of your own research and personal investigation surrounding plant based nutrition - because I think it will shake up your world view a little and hopefully inspire you to eat more plants and less animals - for the sake of your own personal health - but also for the sake of the health and well-being of this planet.

Like the way that the mother contains the distinct body of the baby inside her, the soul - the life force of that child is connected, affected and nurtured by the life force and choices of the mother. We mothers are powerful, we have the ability to affect the life and health of our child through our actions. So It is our obligation and responsibility to create wellness, harmony and peace for our child. In the same way - humankind - has a choice, and a responsibility to choose wellness and harmony on this planet, otherwise we die, we continue developing disease and illness and it is becoming strikingly evident the illness occurring from our lack of awareness about the toxicity of the food we're eating.

And I'm not even saying never eat meat or dairy, what I am really encouraging is to reduce your consumption of these toxic products - mass produced meats and dairy products. Buy local, organic produce, find out where the animals come from, what kind of life they've had - go a little deeper - become aware of the karmic energy of the food you're eating. Perhaps you might feel a difference in the way that your body feels afterwards if you start to shift the way we relate to our food? Become aware of your body's response to different foods, and listen to your body. For me this includes the 'body' of the universe as well. Meaning it doesn't just stop where your limbs end - we are all made up of larger energetic fields of energy, including the food that we consume - it's all just cosmic energy.

What I see, feel and experience when I eat fresh, whole organic foods is pure life, abundance and vibrant energy. So for me at least, transitioning to a mostly plant based has been hugely beneficial for my health and well-being - for mind, body and spirit. But I also just want to specify fresh and whole foods as well because quite often there are many misconceptions that if you eat vegan food it automatically means you eat healthy, but I don't think that's necessarily true. There are many unhealthy vegans out there that still eat 'vegan' junk food and loads of processed foods - but I'll leave this for another blog post.

For now, enjoy eating your fill of colourful, fresh, vibrant organic whole foods and good luck on your food transformation journey!

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