Pregnancy Meditation Mudra

Creating a Conscious Birth


Using the power of guided meditation, creative visualisation, affirmations, breathing and relaxation techniques to manifest and create a positive birth experience for women and their partners


only $69

plus a free pregnancy guidance session with tarot reading

Sessions delivered by weekly email

(Session 1)
Discodefication: de-programming your unconscious mind

(Session 2)

Manifesting consciousness: creating a deeper connection with your unborn baby


(Session 3)

Finding your innate energy source - discovering the fire within


(Session 4)

Acceptance, letting go & releasing fear

(Session 5)

Embodyment and movement meditation - deepening awareness of your physical body


(Session 6)

Creating your nest: designing the space around you

(Session 7)

Building personal power: the earth mother goddess

(Session 8)

Opening your heart - opening your pelvis - opening your soul

(Session 9)

Developing breathing techniques: deepening relaxation and focus

(Session 10)

Emergence: embracing the unknown

(Session 11)

Awake in the aftermath: maintaining resilience and  finding light within the darnkess 


(Session 12)

Cultivating bliss, gratitude and joy

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10 x 1 on 1 sessions

before and after birth

release fear and anxiety

connect with your baby and divine feminine energy

cultivate strength and power

develop positve mindset

build resilience and focus

relax the body and mind

practice acceptance, gratitude and joy

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