12 Wk Personal Transformation Coaching Program

Work with me over a period of 12wks to transorfm your life.

Set a goal and an intention and together we can consciously create and cultivate a healthy, abundant and vibrant lifestyle.

This is a free consultation for us to get to know each other a little more. For you, so that you can understand where i'm coming from as a coach, my skills and experience...
20min Discovery Call
20 min
Program Outline

This outline is just a basic guide to help us move through different aspects of your life.

However it's important to understand that this process is unique to each individual,

and whatever comes up on your journey of self discovery will shape how each session unfolds.

Also, if you already have a clear goal in mind of what you'd like to achieve in the 12wks

(for example: completeing a new business plan/proposal, or giving up an unhealthy habit, etc)

then your coaching can be tailored to suit your needs working towards your goal.

If you are still unsure and would like more information - Book a 20min Discovery Call to discuss.

Wk1 - 'Understanding your Elements' Looking at who you are with presence, humility, acceptance & gratitude

Wk 2 - 'Weeding the Garden' Deprogramming the subconscious mind

Wk 3 - 'Laying the foundations' Reshaping new positive habits and mind-set

Wk 4 - 'Practicing Self--Care & Love' Detoxing & nourishing the body

Wk 5 - 'Home is where the Heart is' Decluttering & clearing the household space

Wk 6 - 'Eco-Conscious Healing' Exploring the waste-free way & environmental living

Wk 7 - 'Cultivating Personal Power' Tapping into the fire within, exploring our innate creativity

Wk 8 - 'Finding Light within the Darkness' Acknowledging the shaddow-self, dealing with trauma

Wk 9 - 'The Dreamtime' Reading dream symbols and messages & ancestral memory

Wk 10 - 'The Sacred Union of Opposites' Balancing yin & yang, exploring sexuality

Wk 11 - 'Connecting with Community' Looking at relationships & intimacy

WK 12 - 'The Cosmic Dance of Life' Facing mortality, tapping into the innate rhythms & cycles of the earth 

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