Tapping into your Divine Feminine Wisdom, Inner Strength, Courage & Love and the Innate Capacity to Heal Yourself
Divine Feminine, Inner Strength, Courage, Love & HealingLillian Adele
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Pregnancy Meditation - Letting go of negative fear-based programming and embracing your inner vibrant self


"To live in Vibrant Alignment is a philosophy and way of life..."

Lillian has been a life-long artist and seeker of deeper meaning and connection through transcendent mind-body-spirit experiences.

Consistantly pushing herself and others to the limits of what they think is possible in order to cultivate abundance, wellbeing, fullfillment and peak perfomance in life.


12wk Persoanl Transformation

Coaching Program

Work with me over a period of 12wks to transorfm your life.

Set a goal and an intention and together we can consciously create and cultivate a healthy, abundant and vibrant lifestyle.

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