Artist | Healer | Lifestyle Coach | Spiritual Entrepreneur

I use a myriad of creative and spiritual tools such as meditation, creative arts & dance therapy, ritual & ceremony, movement of energy, space clearing, interior design & feng shui, body-work, self care practices, fitness, diet, healthy habits & lifetyle design, business coaching, productivity & goal setting, dream reading, tarot, journalling, exploring relatioships & intimacy and more...

Empowering you to let go of stress, tension, fear, anxiety, release creative blocks, move stagnant energy, disappear toxic negative thought patterns and habits that are limiting you from achieving your goals and living a happy vibrant and fulfilled life.

Creating sacred space for profound self-inquiry, authentic self-expression, personal transformation, healing and growth.

...Life is art, and we are all artists...
My Goal is to create sacred space to reconnect with that vibrant fire within, to discover you true authentic nature, build confidence, reduce stress, and de-clutter both mentally and physically.
I offer a range of creative services, healing & energy work, mentoring opportunities and coaching programs to empower and motivate you to live your dream life..
it's completely tailored to your unique circumstances.
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~ My Story ~ 

I've always been passionate about arts and creative self expression and curious how this can be an incredible tool for self-development, healing and transformation both personally and collectively.

As a triplet, I'm innately motivated by sharing meaningful intimate human connection with others that's often born out of these powerful and deeply spiritual creative moments.













I've always thought of myself as a limitless being which manifests itself in my capacity to push myself to the extremes of pain and consciousness mentally, physcally and spiritually. 


Growing up, I participated in high intensity sports and athletics from a very young age, such as field hockey and long distance endurance running. I have a deep appreciation and love for physical practices like yoga, rock climbing, dance and martial arts which is where I think my curiosity for things like meditation and the mind body connection has evolved from.





I've always considered myself an artist and my creative work and personal practice is deeply immersive and intuitive as a multi-dimensional artist, seeker and traveller. Influenced by my exploration with altered states of consciousness and focused intention through intuitive creative play, magic and spellwork, trance and deep meditative states including working with psychedelics and plant medicine.


In all my work I aim to create spaces for people to reconnect with the sacred intinamte relationship with nature; our own personal divine 'essential' nature, and nature all around us. Because we are born from the earth and when we die our bodies will go back to the earth, so we are intrinsically connected as part of the infinate and expanding cosmic whole.


Whilst completing a Bachelor of Creative Industries studies at QUT with an Interdisciplinary focus,  majoring in Art and Design History and Theory, and minor in both Visual Arts Practice and Performance, Events & Festivals I was able to develop a really unique and diverse set of creative skills, experience and knowledge in creative business strategy, projects & events management, writing, arts administration,

2D & 3D visual arts practices, performance, exhibition & display, photography & videography, digital media and design.


Weaving this expertise into a not for profit multi-arts business that I ran with my partner for 5 years, I've had the pleasure and opportunity to be involved in various arts & community projects, collaborations and cultural exchanges over the past 10 years both locally and abroad.


Including working in South America with Colombian theatre company Teatro Itinerante Del Sol

(Travelling Theatre of the Sun) in the unique Bio Drama/Bio Dharma style created by Beatriz Camargo. 

Influenced by various cultures and traditions such as indigenous anthropological theatre of the Muisca Tribe of the Altiplano Cundiboyacense, traditional Greek theatre, Balanese cultural dance and mask theatre, the ancient knowledge of the Vedas, Butoh dance theatre, ancient mysticism, ritual and ceremony, symbolism, philosophy of ecology and more to create multi-art form contemporary political work that seeks to break down cultural and societal norms and reconnect us with our ancient primal roots, the earth and the cosmos.


Since becomming a mother, the process of connecting more deeply with my Celtic roots and ancestral heritage has become very powerful for me and I've begun to realise and acknowledge my innate capacity and powerful magic as a healer and energy worker. Something that has always been present for me in my life, but is now rising to the surface as part of my 'Dharma' - my life path - intrinsically interwoven with my creative practce and connection with mind, body, spirit, cosmos.


As a woman who has always had a very strong masculine side and was never much interested in having children, becomming a mother has been an incredibly transformative, empowering and healing experience for me, and has taught me to slow down, walk and talk true to my values, and allowed me to embrace and honor the sacred duality of masculine and feminine aspects in me and acknowledge the divine feminine within - creating a balance and sense of confidence in me I never expected. 

Something I now wish to pass onto other women as they embark on their journey into motherhood as well.

As I continue forward on my own creative path and journey of self-discovery I realise more and more the honor and privilidge of what it means to hold space for people to heal and discover their own true vibrant selves.

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Mother and Baby _ Conscious Birth
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Strong Woman
I'm especially passionate about empowering women and mothers to be independant and take action to reach their  goals and dreams
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