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"To live in Vibrant Alignment  is a philosophy and way of life..."

Vibrant Alignment is a philosophy that integrates an innately creative, spiritual, and eco conscious approach to wellbeing, lifestyle design & mind-body healing.
Recognising that we all have that divine creative spark within us that's connected to the earth and conscious of the natural cycles and rhythms - the infinite cosmic dance of birth, life, death and re-birth. 
It's my mission to empower you with tools to re-discover that for your self and live your dream life. Here, you will find inspiration and resources for self-discovery, growth and personal transformation.

12 Wk Personal Transformation Coaching Program

Work with me over a period of 12wks to transorfm your life.

Set a goal and an intention and together we can consciously create and cultivate a healthy, abundant and vibrant lifestyle.

30min Tarot Readings

For deeper understanding and guidance from the inner psyche and realm of symbols

Guided Meditation


Reconnecting with our wild selves, ancestral roots and 

the eternal heartbeat that connects us all~ 

I can help you reduce stress & anxiety, increase your ability to cope with stress, release pain & trauma, let go of nagative habits and limiting beliefs, so that you can

heal your-self and find pure Vibrant Alignment in

Body, Mind & Soul.

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Hi, I'm Lilly

As a Ceative Healer, Lifestyle Coach & Spiritual Entrepreneur;

I use a myriad of creative and spiritual tools such as meditation, creative arts & dance therapy, ritual & ceremony, movement of energy, space clearing, interior design & feng shui, body-work, self care practices, fitness, diet, healthy habits & lifetyle design, business coaching, productivity & goal setting, dream reading, tarot, journalling, exploring relatioships & intimacy and more...

Empowering you to let go of stress, tension, fear, anxiety, release creative blocks, move stagnant energy, disappear toxic negative thought patterns and habits that are limiting you from achieving your goals and living a happy vibrant and fulfilled life.

Creating sacred space for profound self-inquiry, authentic self-expression, personal transformation, healing and growth.

Where to Begin

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Work and Productivity
  01 | THE BLOG
Regular content and inspiration for creating the life you want. Tips and hacks for  developing healthy habits and routines, cultivating a positive mindset, self-growth & more.
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Mentoring and coaching programs to help get you on your way to creating your dream life. Plus a variety of creative services from sacred tattoos and mandala art to  creative project design & management to interior decorating and decluttering your home space.
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Check out a range of free resources to motivate and inspire, and get you on your way to creating your dream reality. From weekly planners and goal setting tools to creative journalling prompts and guided meditaitons.

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